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Gfp Philodendron Orange Congo in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Philodendron Orange Congo in ceramic pot :

Philodendron orange congo has a uniquely hued leaves, which change color over time. New growth starts a starburst yellow when it first emerges, transitioning first to copper tones, and ultimately settling into darker shades of green. It is an easy plant for maintenance. A natural air purifier.

Growing Conditions 

Light: It prefers bright indirect light.

Water: Keep leaves dry, avoid overhead watering. Remove any bacteria blight infected leaves which appear to be smelly, dark green blotches due to over watering.

Soil: It prefers slightly alkaline, loose yet good moisture retention media.

Fertilizer: Feed the plants every four to six months with controlled-release fertilizer. Too much fertilizer may cause excess salt build up in the soil and can cause leaf burn.

Pests & diseases: Tree Philodendrons are vulnerable to pests including aphids, mealy bugs, scale and whitefly. If possible, identify the infestation as early as possible and treat it with the least toxic option.


*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual pot colour, type of pot, size & arrangement may differ from photo.