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Garden Hoe (14″L)

A hardened tempered steel blade digging tool with wooden handle. Suitable for use in small planting plots and planter boxes.

Garden Fork (10.5”L)

A small hand held fork used to help dig and loosen soil in small planter boxes or for children to use. Garden Fork helps loosen soil similar to a spade, but it is much easier to push through the soil. It does not cut through plant roots when used to dig near the plants.

Garden Cultivator (8.75”L)

A small handheld tool consisting of a harden tempered steel blade and a wooden handle for tilling and loosing soil in your planter box and pots. It helps aerate the soil as preparation of a seed bed as well as allowing nutrients and water to flow better around plant roots.

Garden Trowel (10”L) 

A lightweight metal scoop with a wooden grip to help dig planting holes, mix and scoop soil as well as transfer plants to pots. The metal scoop has a sharp angle to help dig holes with ease.


Price of $8.90 is for each Garden Tool.