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Gfp Cryptanthus Fosterianus “Liza Vinzant” in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Cryptanthus Fosterianus “Liza Vinzant” in ceramic pot :

Cryptanthus Fosterianus or commonly known as “Earth Star” is a genus from Family of Bromeliaceae.

This Cryptanthus is rare and very unique. It has long, narrow leaves which bear finely-serrated and rough edges. On top of the leaves are painted in copper or in brown with reddish bands and have zigzag stripes of a silvery hue. Provided with well-drained soil, average moisture and high humidity, it is regarded as the easiest terrestrial bromeliads to grow.


Growing Conditions

Light:  Filtered light to full sun or partial to full shade are acceptable. This plant is not particular to light levels.

Water: Mist the plant once every 2 days, avoid complete drying out of soils between two watering.

Soil: It prefers well-drained loamy soil although it is adaptable to all kind of soil types.

Fertilizer: The plants required light dose fertilizer for good growth.

Others: Mildly toxic to pets.


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