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Gfp Saxifraga stolonifera in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Saxifraga stolonifera in ceramic pot:

Commonly known as Creeping Saxifrage, Creeping Rockfoil and Mother of Thousands. It is a perennial ornamental ground cover. The heart-shaped gray-green leaves come with silvery gray veins and sparse hair. The underside is purplish-maroon.

The plant is low drought tolerance and it requires semi to dark shade, occasionally wet treatment. Edible plant parts include the leaves and stems.

Growing Conditions

Light: It prefers locations with dim to low light and good ventilation.

Water: Allow the plants to dry between watering. Watering from bottom is preferred but shake off excess water after sitting in water.

Soil: It prefers high quality peat based, well drained loose media.

Fertilizer: Feed the plants every month 1-2 times with small amount of controlled release fertilizer.

Pests and diseases: Common pests include aphids, mealybug and whiteflies. Root rot can occur during raining season or use of wet growing substrate. Saxifraga is susceptible to salt build-up.


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