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Gfp Podocarpus Bonsai in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Podocarpus Bonsai in ceramic pot :

Podocarpus Bonsai is commonly referred as the Buddhist Pine or Buddha Tree. Its unique style, elegance and charm have made it one of the most frequently seen bonsai in homes and offices. As it is a tropical plant, Podocarpus is not frost-hardy and needs a warm place all year round.

Growing Conditions 

Light: It prefers bright and indirect light conditions.

Water: Allow the top surface of the soil to dry up between waterings. In outdoors conditions, we recommend watering your plant once a day. Do not let the soil dry up as the plant will dry up as well.

Soil: The Podocarpus Bonsai will thrive in a well-draining potting mix.

Fertilizer: Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer once every week. Fertilize during your watering schedule to dilute the fertilizer.


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