Gfp Neoregelia carolinae in white ceramic stripe pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Neoregelia carolinae (The Blushing Bromeliad):

Neoregelia carolinae is native to Brazil and usually grown as an epiphyte or on forest floor. The blushing bromeliad’s interesting name is derived from the way its flower bloom. The centre part of the plant will turn red when it is time for flowering.

Light: Prefer bright indoor areas with indirect sunlight during noon. Best to place them near the window where there is morning or late afternoon sun.

Water: Water the plant through the funnel of the leaves instead of pouring the water on planting media but do keep the root lightly moist. It will be an additional bonus to water the plant with rain water or distilled water.

Others: Trim off any dead leaves on the lower part of the plant.


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