Mlgl Making New Friends with Baby King

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Gardens by the Bay is a popular place for families to visit. It is a delightful and safe place for young children to play in an environment that’s filled with lots of greenery and interesting little creatures.

This setting is captured in a children’s story book titled “Making New Friends with Baby King”. It is a simply written and colourfully illustrated book for parents to read with their young children. In the story, Baby King, a baby kingfisher which lives in Kingfisher Lake, shows our young readers that we all need friends and making friends is easy and fun. We hope this will encourage our young readers to do so and develop and value strong friendships as they grow.

Setting the story in Gardens by the Bay will give our young readers a comfortable and familiar feel as they would have visited the gardens with their families at some point in time. They will also be able to recognise the little creatures featured in the book.

The early childhood years are the best time to learn a language. By producing a bilingual story book in English and Chinese, we hope to help our young readers pick up the two languages comfortably. So, enjoy.