Gle Kueh Salat and Kaya Activity Kit

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Come experience the making of Kueh Salat and Kaya through this activity kit !


1) Kueh Salat

Ingredients List

Rice Layer
300g       Glutinous Rice
1/4 tsp    Salt
1 cup      Coconut milk
2 pcs       Pandan leaves
15-30pcs Blue pea flower

Custard topping
3           Eggs
200ml   Coconut milk
150g     White sugar
150ml   Water
70g       Rice flour
30pcs    Pandan leaves (extract with blender)



  • Soak rice for 6 hours
  • Steam for 30-40 minutes (only add salt, water and pandan leaves here)
  • Pour coconut milk over the rice and steam again for 10-15 minutes (after removing pandan leaves)
  • Transfer rice to greased tray and compact, poke holes and pour blue pea solution
  • Put back in the steamer while preparing custard
  • Cook custard ingredients over low heat (waterbath ideal) until somewhat thickened (do not overcook, will congeal - stir constantly)
  • Steam for 30 minutes or until middle is clean when poking with a toothpick


2) Kaya

Ingredients List

7 Eggs
Coconut milk 420g
Sugar 360g
Pandan leaves 20 leaves (extracted with blender)


  • Beats eggs with sugar until smooth
  • Cook mixture over low heat (waterbath ideal) until batter congeals/thickens slightly. - Stir constantly to ensure no lumps
  • Blend
  • In a separate pot, simmer coconut milk with pandan extract, cool.
  • Add pandan-infused coconut milk to egg mixture over low heat (waterbath ideal) and continue to heat and stir until thickened. Allow to cool before pouring into sterilised jars.


*All ingredients are provided for this activity kit.