Gtmg Hedgehog in Plain Sight

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Terrarium with Pilea and hedgehog figurine.

Tender Loving Care Advice for Terrariums:

The closed terrarium is an enclosed self-sustaining environment which does not require too much maintenance once settled.

Light: Place the terrarium in a naturally low /medium lit room. If you see your plants slanting towards the light, turn your terrarium every week to give them some exposure to natural light or place them in a brighter spot but always avoid direct sunlight.

Water: If they are kept in a closed terrarium, you only need to water them once a week or fortnight. Put two tablespoons of water into the soil, leave the top open for an hour before closing it back. If your glass constantly fogs up, it means the humidity is a little too high inside. Take the cover off for a couple of hours until the glass clears up.


The Mini Garden Series are handmade by Gardens by the Bay's Conservatory Ops team.


*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size & arrangement may differ from photo.