Ggssk GreenSpade Nutri Yield (500 ml)

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GreenSpade Nutri Yield is a blend of organic NPK, ocean essentials, enhanced with Fulvic, plant extracts and plant growth promotant. It is a unique combination of all items to boost plant growth, health, yield and quality. All materials obtained are of organic/natural based without any heavy metal.


It enhances root growth and root mass as well as shoot growth. It has the natural capacity to chelates and increases nutrient uptake. It stimulates and promotes flowering and fruiting. It shortens crops harvesting period. It helps to reduce damage during plant stress due to extreme weather. It stimulates and promotes microbial activities in water, soil, root and leave the surface. It enhances the earthworm population. It can be mixed with other liquid product such as liquid fertiliser or pesticide. Any liquid fertiliser mixed with it can be reduced by 30% of its dosage. It has the ability to continuously promote plant growth even during prolonged cloudy days.


Apply once a week. Shake well before use. Apply GreenSpade Bio Protect as a foliar spray directly onto leaves, flowers or fruits. Alternatively, apply GreenSpade Bio Protect as a soil drench to control soil-borne diseases.