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Procris repens also known as Trailing Watermelon Begonia (it is not a Begonia!), is a herbaceous creeper native to South-east Asia. It is often used in terrariums, hanging baskets or as a groundcover. The blossoms are not very showy, however it is usually grown for its lush and attractive leaves. Leaves are glossy, wavy on the edges, and exhibit mosaic-like veins on the upper leaf surface.

Light: Place the plant in a well-ventilated area whereby it can receive around 4 hours of partial sun or full shade.

Water: Once or twice a day, water the plants thoroughly till excess water drains out of the pot. High humidity is needed for it to thrive.

Temperature: Plant tolerates temperature between 22-30°C.

Fertilizer: To boost plant's overall health, feed it with a diluted concentration of water-soluble, balanced fertilizer that contains equal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (e.g. N-P-K: 15-15-15) once every two weeks. Otherwise, a slow-release fertilizer (e.g. Osmocote) can be incorporated into the potting media, and to be replenished after about 2-3 months. Do follow the recommended dosage indicated on the fertilizer’s application instructions.


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