Gfp Philodendron selloum in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Philodendron selloum in ceramic pot :

Philodendron selloum or Tree Philodendron, is native to South America. It is an easy-care, self-heading plant which takes up more space in growing due to its wide spreading leaves. The large, shiny leaves are dark green and deeply lobed. This plant is not a pet friendly plant. It should be kept away from pets and children.

Growing Conditions 

Light: Prefers bright indirect light. 

Water: Keep leaves dry, avoid overhead watering. Remove any bacteria blight infected leaves which appear to be smelly, dark green blotches due to over watering. 

Soil: Prefers slightly alkaline, loose yet good moisture retention media. 

Fertilizer: Feed the plants every four to six months with controlled-release fertilizer. Too much fertilizer may cause excess salt build up in the soil and can cause leaf burn. 

Pests & diseases: Vulnerable to pests including aphids, mealy bugs, scale, and whitefly. If possible, identify the infestation as early as possible and treat it with the least toxic option.


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