Gfp Impatiens niamniamensis

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Grown from cuttings collected from specimen plants in the Cloud Forest, Impatiens niamniamensis is a rare plant not often found in local nursery trade. Commonly known as the Parrot Plant it produces flowers that are so brightly coloured that it looks like parrot. Definitely a collector’s item! These plants were lovingly produced by our Cloud Forest team.

Tender Loving care advice for Impatiens niamniamensis:

Originated from Tropical Africa, Impatiens niamniamensis does well in pots and make a good houseplant that is not particularly fussy about humidity.

Light: Prefer filtered sunlight or bright indoor area.

Water: Like most impatiens, this plant loves moisture however it is important to grow them in soil/media that is porous and free draining.


*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size & arrangement may differ from photo.