Gfp Anthurium cf dolichostachyum

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Raised from seed collected in the Cloud Forest, these 2 years old babies are finally big enough for sale! Anthurium dolichostachyum is one of the giant Anthuriums you might have seen growing on the Mountain. The leaves of the mother plant were over 1.7m long and 1m width when last measured! Act fast and add them to your collection as they are not available at the local nurseries.

Tender Love care advice for Aroids:

Ariods in this offering consists of Philodendron and Anthurium species. Originating from Central and South America, these plants have become extremely popular due to the houseplant craze and recent trends towards plants with large decorative foliage. They are generally easy to care for in Singapore as they love high humidity. It is important to grow them in porous and free draining media as poor draining soil will undoubtedly lead to root rot and other pest problem can arise.

Light: Prefer bright indoor areas with indirect sunlight.

Water: Allow the top few inches of soil to dry out in between watering. It is good to supplement the humidity by misting the leaves regularly.


*All plants will be sold on first come first serve basis. The pictures only serve as a representation and your plant may differ from the pictures.