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Gsc Echeveria 'Black Prince'

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A deep green rosette succulent which darkens to dark purple as it matures, Echeveria 'Black Prince' appeals to those who want something different in their plant collection, and will enjoy growing this low-maintenance plant. It produces offsets that can be removed and grow into other pots.

Like many Echeveria, it is best to water them at the soil level, leaving the foliage dry to avoid rot. Specimen grown in fast-draining succulent soil mix can be watered sparingly, but do dry out between waterings. Place them in a bright spot when grown indoors. Occasionally the lower leaves will shrivel but this is normal and can be removed.

Light: Place the plant in a well-ventilated area whereby it can receive around 4-6 hours of bright but indirect light.

Water: Echeveria neither like their potting substrate to be kept too wet nor too dry. Water the plant thoroughly till excess water drains out of the pot. Let the soil dry out before the next watering.

Temperature: Plant tolerates temperature between 16-28°C.

Fertilizer: To boost plant's overall health, feed it with a diluted concentration of water-soluble, balanced fertilizer that contains equal amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (e.g. N-P-K: 15-15-15) once every two weeks. Do follow the recommended dosage indicated on the fertilizer’s application instructions.


*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual product may vary as each individual plant has its own appearance (colours, form and size), and pot colour may differ from photo.