Begonia listada

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An attractive Begonia species from Brazil. The radiating light green veins stand out prominently against the dark green leaf blade and very fine hairs on the surface gives the leaves a soft velvety look.

Tender Loving Care Advice for Begonia:

Begonia are generally considered indoor plants and are prized for the interesting varieities of colours and shapes of their leaves. The occasionally colourful flowers of some species/ cultivars can be considered an added bonus. Begonia love high humidity therefore it is best to place them together with other tropical plants in the house. Many are happy under terrarium style conditions.

Light: Prefer bright indoor areas with indirect sunlight.

Water: Begonia love water however they can rot if over watered. To avoid this, allow the plant media to dry out slightly between waterings. It is also best to avoid watering on the leaves as they can be easily damaged.