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Gfp Coleus 'Sedona Sunset'

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Coleus 'Sedona Sunset' boasts soft coppery-orange foliage, with hints of rose and burgundy, offering a striking contrast amongst your other plants. Its unique warm-tone colouration surely brighten up your day!

Coleus needs bright, indirect sunlight and when grown in containers, do provide it with a well-draining potting substrate. Water to keep the soil moist with humidity levels kept high. The more your coleus are exposed to sun and wind, the more often they will need to be watered. It does well in temperatures ranging between 24- 28°C. Applying fertilizer weekly to the potting soil and pruning will encourage a bushy growth. If the leaves start losing their colour, move it to a less sunny location. If you’re experiencing fading colours on your Coleus do check if this occurs on the older foliage which tend to die back so that the plant energy/resources will instead be used to produce new foliage.

Light: Place the plant in a well-ventilated area whereby it can receive around 4-6 hours of bright but indirect sunlight daily.

Water: Once or twice a day, water the plants thoroughly till excess water drains out of the pot.

Temperature: Plant tolerates temperatures from 18-28°C.

Fertilizer: To boost plant's overall health, feed it with a diluted concentration of water-soluble, balanced fertilizer that contains equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (e.g. N-P-K: 15-15-15) once every two weeks. Otherwise, a slow-release fertilizer (e.g. Osmocote) can be incorporated into the potting media, and to be replenished after about 2-3 months. Do follow the recommended dosage indicated on the fertilizer’s application instructions.


*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual product may vary as each individual plant has its own appearance (colours, form and size), and pot colour may differ from photo.