Gfp Pilea peperomioides

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Some of the common names for Pilea peperomioides are Chinese Money Plant, UFO Plant and Pancake Plant, all of which are undoubtedly related to its adorable, circular, coin-shaped leaves. It is a popular and highly sought-after house plant that is not only trendy but also easy to care for. These plants were propagated by our Cloud Forest team.

Tender Loving Care Advice for Pilea:

Pilea are generally regarded as indoor plants and are relatively easy to care for. They have succulent-like leaves which enables them to tolerate dryness. They do not like their roots to be constantly wet.

Light: Prefer bright indoor areas with indirect sunlight, but will also tolerate low light conditions.

Water: Although Pilea are easy to care for, problems can arise when they are overwatered. To avoid this, allow the top inch of the plant media to dry out between waterings.


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