Gfp Alocasia stingray

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Alocasia stingray:

Alocasia stingray has large and uniquely shaped leaves that resemble the wings and tail of a stingray. The distinctive, dappled colouring of the stem adds further interest.

Growing Conditions

Light: It prefers bright filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight that can scorch its foliages. 

Water: Allow the plants to dry between waterings, but not completely. They are more susceptible to crown, stem and root rot. Avoid over watering and the use of high moisture substrates.

Soil: It prefers moist, well drained potting soil. 

Fertilizer: Feed the plants every two to four months with controlled-release fertilizer, Nitrocote or organic -pellets.

Others: No known serious pests or diseases though prone to red spider mites. Regular check is required on foliages to avoid infestation of spider mites. 


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