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Gfp Aglaonema Legacy in ceramic pot

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Tender Loving Care Advice for Aglaonema Legacy in ceramic pot :

Aglaonema Legacy is a slow growing sub-tropical foliage plant with variegated cream green and pink foliage. It is also known as “Chinese Evergreen Plant”.

This tough indoor plant consists of few variants different in tone of pink and green combinations. It may produce calla-lily like flowers when planted in well-lit locations. The plant is considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children.

Growing Conditions 

Light: It prefers bright filtered light.

Water: Allow the plants to dry between watering, but not completely. They are more susceptible to root rot, avoid over watering and the use of high moisture retention substrate.

Soil: It prefers high quality peat based, well drained loose media.

Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer once monthly with a balanced fertilizer and more frequently during the growing period.

Pests & diseases: Vulnerable to pests including aphids, mealy bugs, scale and whitefly. If possible, identify the infestation as early as possible and treat it with the least toxic option.


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